Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloween - part 2

my word! halloween is a very tiring holiday. i can't say that i'm sad to see it go!! i guess i left off on thursday so i'll pick up with friday. o's sitter had a little party for the kids so i made cupcakes! they were nothing special but they tasted mighty good! after i picked her up we headed downtown to meet some friends for trick-or-treating at local businesses and then to dinner at sundown. i'd never really thought about it but one of the best places for kids in ruson is sundown. b/c it's such a laidback atmosphere (it's a bar, let's be honest) on the patio no one really cares if your kid runs around like crazy. and they provide sidewalk chalk for hours of entertainment. so, your kids are contained and happy while you visit and eat in peace. it's a win win!! we were not the only ones that had this idea friday night. the place was packed with tons of kids and they were all having a blast!
dressed all "halloweeny" for her party at the sitters!
davis, georgia, murphy, o
taking a break from playing - she was asleep within seconds of hitting her bed that night!
saturday started kinda rocky but ended well! o's had a cough for about 2 weeks now. it started as just a plain old cough with a clear runny nose. then the nose cleared up but the cough lingered. i thought it was allergies with this crazy hot/cold weather we've been having so i started her on zyrtec. the cough only worsened over the past week and at 11:30 on sat morning i decided it was time to consult someone more capable than me to diagnose her! i knew i couldn't make it to monroe by noon to see her regular dr so we went to quick care right after lunch. we left an hour later with scrips for an upper respritory and sinus infection. the np assured me she wasn't contagious b/c she hadn't been running any fever so we continued with our plans for the day. mom came over and we headed to counter culture for a humphrey - mom says that o loves them but i think that's just an excuse for her to get one too! sat night we headed to emery's for their neighborhood party. it was so fun!! TONS of kids! after that mom stayed with o and i went to an adult party at emily and matt's. it was also a lot of fun but i headed out kinda early b/c i'm also not feeling well. (i'm sure that o and i just keep passing this "crud" back and forth between each other - today i'm not doing so well as i have a low fever and feel like complete crap. so, now that she's on meds i'm pretty sure it's time for me to get some so we can both get better!)
the official 2010 photo - she's competing for the title of best costume at my dad's bank! she won last year so there's a lot to work for!! :)
LOVES to slide!
once the corn came out o was done. this is her FAVORITE fall activity. could do it for hours.
i picked up corn all over my house after this party!
maybe next year o will really "get" trick-or-treating. that will be so fun!!


  1. Looks like you had fun despite colds. I'm glad to know that was corn not pumpkin seeds/goo in the pool. I thought it was the latter from your pics on fb. O should win the contest!!

  2. I love her costume! So cute!! Will say a prayer you both get to feeling better right away!

  3. Happy Halloween!! That corn pool looks like fun!