Sunday, February 6, 2011

2 biggest games of the year (if you're a rustonite!)

it's only february so as far as "years" go these are the biggest ones so far!

on saturday the lady techsters hosted "fair"well fresno state. it was so much fun! this was a HUGE game in terms of WAC standings, etc... it was the "pack the TAC" event and it was a success! they had a mini fair outside (think ferris wheel, swings, big slides, etc..), a kids zone with jumpys, etc and a petting zoo inside! rett brought olivia so she could enjoy the festivities and get some time with my dad. boy did she have fun! she wouldn't pet the animals but in her defense they weren't very "petable". they had a snake, baby aligator, bird and this ferrett thing that was pretty ugly. what kind of petting zoo is that? i'm sure the older kids loved it but olivia would prefer the softer animals! we got there about 5 (for a 7 pm game) and she played and ran around...and had her first taste of cotton candy! i'm not sure she loved it like her mama does but that's ok; it's bad for you! rett took her home and then me, jackie and dad stayed for the game. and it was an awesome game! we won in overtime! the TAC was packed and it was so much fun!
tonight some friends invited us over for a super bowl party so we went down the road to amanda and todd's for a little while. (we're pulling for green bay b/c former tech star tramon williams plays for them and is really good!) o had a blast keeping up with the big kids and let me know that a trampoline is most likely in our future! she begged to get in but i've played this game before and knew she'd want right out so i resisted as long as i could. finally she broke me. and she jumped for a long time with georgia and hudson! well, she can't jump yet but she bounced! sadly i didn't take any photos and there were some good opportunities available. maybe next year! we may have to go to todd and amanda's more often; they have way cooler toys than we do!

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  1. We were definitely cheering on Tramon Williams!