Friday, February 11, 2011

fun friday...kind of

when i got home from work yesterday o was breathing heavy. she wasn't in distress and it wasn't labored. just heavy. rett doubled up on the breathing treatments last night and this morning was pretty much the same. i told the sitter i had today to watch her and call me if she noticed any changes for the worse. i called jenny this morning and she ran by my house at lunch to listen to o's breathing. she first called and said everything was fine; lungs were clear. then she called back and said that o had started the heavy breathing again so she listened again and that her left lung was "coarser" than her right but that she was almost positive it cleared when she coughed. so, i called the dr and talkd to the nurse who agreed that if it cleared when she coughed then it was probably just congestion. i confirmed i could give zyrtec on top of everything else she's on and also confirmed that she's no longer contagious b/c she's been fever free for over 24 hours. so... i get home after work today and she has this deep, dry cough. jenny says it's ok. i hope so!

ok, on to the fun stuff! o loves these veggie chips. i bought them for myself but didn't like them. good thing she does! after work today she was acting hungry well before dinner time so i was going to give her a snack. and then i thought, what the hell, it's friday. if she wants to indulge in way to many chips then so be it. at least they're made out of veggies! she looks 16 here, hanging out eating a bag of chips!
then after dinner i thought she needed dessert for eating so well! (she hasn't eaten much all week; i guess from being sick.) chocolate/vanilla pudding combo, anyone? i started feeding it to her and then, again, thought what the hell. it's friday. i think she enjoyed it!
and for documentation child proofed cabinets are no longer child proof. how does she figure this stuff out?
we're getting up BRIGHT AND EARLY tomorrow morning and heading to natchez for the kelly's kids sale! i'm super excited about this. i've brainstormed for 2 days now about how to go about this with a child in tow and i'm just going to suck it up and take a stroller. we're meeting my long lost friend julie doyle (ramsey now but will always be doyle to me) in vidalia and then going the rest of the way together. I CAN'T WAIT!! hope we find some good stuff! of course, this all hinges on how olivia looks/sounds/acts in the morning.

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