Sunday, February 20, 2011

kool kids and playdate

last week/this weekend was the semi-annual kool kids consignment sale. i've shopped at this sale since i knew that i was having a girl but this was the first time i actually consigned in the sale. i sold a good bit before the sale so was really hoping to make just a little on what i had left. i went today to pick up my stuff that didn't sale and was kind of disappointed i had a good bit left. some items that i was sure would sale quickly were left over. but that's ok! i still sold a good bit and made some money (half of which i spent at the sale!)

i got several 2 and 3 size summer outfits/dresses and the cutest little doll chair! i'm pretty much set on summer clothes now and never set foot in an actual store! i love online shopping, trunk shows and friends with girls about a year older than o!!
tonight hill and emery came over for pizza and a playdate. the boys were in the "playroom" when we heard a crash... they thought putting the stroller in the tent was a great idea so that's what they did! all while o demolished her piece of pizza. after eating us girls sat and chatted while the kiddos played. they shut the door to o's room which is fine with me but when we finally went to get them out OH MY! 3 almost 2 year olds can do some damage! but they had fun and that's what counts!

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  1. The first time I consigned I got a lot back as well. Think I asked too much. It's a learning process:). Glad y'all had a fun weekend!!