Wednesday, February 9, 2011


just wanted to post this pic real quick before i get started cleaning the house for the sitters tmrw.
why isn't she always so eager to get in bed???

i have a few ocd tendencies but sadly they don't carry over into how i keep my house (as evidenced by the pics above). now, it's always CLEAN, it just may not be straight. since o isn't going to daycare this week (a trip to dr today confirmed she needed to stay home all week) i have sitters coming tomorrow and friday. and i can't let almost complete strangers see how we really live so a little straightening must be done tonight! :) only my true friends see my house in all its glory so if you've seen it not at its finest then consider yourself a GOOD friend!

my mom texted (i don't think this is a word but everyone else uses it so i guess i will too) me at 6 am this morning that o was not having a good morning. gee, how can you tell that early? but b/c i like my sleep and don't have to be at work until 8 i didn't get the text until 7:40. i called mom and for our entire 8 minute conversation i could hear o screaming in the background. not good. apparently she hadn't slept good and was coughing more, wheezing and overall just not in a good mood. (in her defense, who would be after being up since 6am? i'm sorry to all of you that have early risers. i, however, do not and i'd like to keep it that way!) oh, and she had 102.3 fever. so back to the dr we go today. flu test was, again, negative. typically a fever doesn't spike with rsv but it can so we got an antibiotic to curb whatever it is causing the fever (in case it's not the rsv). good news is that her ears, lungs and blood work are all great! i'm thinking we'll be over this by the end of the week but i'm not getting my hopes up. afterall, i thought she'd be back at daycare tomorrow.
now to get ready for my "front" tmrw... :)

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