Tuesday, February 15, 2011

21 months!

it's 8:16 pm and i just realized that o is 21 months old today. and i have no pics to document this occassion. in my defense i didn't get home until 7 and she had already had her bath and was ready for bed so...

o has been really chatty this past week. she finally mastered "bye" (like when to use it) and will do it on command except she usually follows it up with "daddy" so it's "bye daddy" to almost everyone.

she mastered the "s" sound so her new favorite words are "socks" and "shoes".

she has her first crush. max pyles. it's so cute! on sunday after church i asked her who she played with in sunday school. "max". monday on they way to and home from mrs. debbies i asked various questions whose answers were people's names and she would only respond "max". today, same thing. when i dropped her off this morning lyndsey was there dropping max off so i told her about the crush. too sweet! i'll follow this whole crush thing up with my parents dog is named max and when we were entering w'boro on saturday she kept saying "max" so i assumed she was talking about the dog. who knows; maybe she's confused. but the crush story is a whole lot better!

at the dr one week ago today she weighed 28 pounds. she's gained a few since last month!

she's still a good eater except when she's sick. she's awsome at taking meds and loves her vitamin. she does not love her breathing treatments.

she would play outside all day long if i'd let her. she'll even stay out there by herself which says a lot considering she won't play by herself inside. i know she can't work the gate (i test her every week or so to still confirm this) so i can leave her outside in the backyard for brief periods of time (i leave the back door open before you judge me) and she's just fine without me.

she's kind of becoming bossy. like she'll push me to where she wants me to be. or she'll only wear a certain pair of shoes (one day she went to daycare in pink pants and red shoes). i know...i'm the parent. but some battles just aren't worth it! so her personality is really starting to show and i'm super pumped about that!

overall she's a happy, healthy little girl and i'm so blessed to be her mother. when the days get hard i have to remind myself that she's only little once and i'm too old to throw a fit with her! ha! she really does have me wrapped around her finger and i'm not too ashamed to admit that!

happy 21 month bday o!! mama loves you!

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  1. My Olivia told everyone "bye daddy" for the longest time. People didn't really catch it. They just thought it was so cute that she was saying bye.