Monday, February 21, 2011

new doll bed!

i've been waiting on the arrival of this doll bed since before christmas. my mamamack, olivia's great grandmother, got it for her for christmas/birthday and then she and my aunt linda made the mattress, mattress cover, pillow and blanket. my dad went to visit them this weekend and was able to bring it home to olivia. it's precious! while o ate dinner i got it out and put it in the living room so she could play with it tonight.
she was really adament about leaving the mattress out. not sure why... we'll have to work on that one. i tried explaining that her dolls got cold at night and would probably prefer to be in their warm bed but i think that was kind of over her head! :)
she first put raggedy ann (also a christmas gift made by aunt linda) in the bed and covered her up and said "night, night". so she definately gets the concept of the doll bed.
then "nanay" (natalie) went night night. don't worry; natalie didn't suffocate under that blanket!
tonight the bed is empty in her room; i guess she thought her dolls could go another night without a bed! thank you mamamack and aunt linda for such a great gift that i'm sure will be passed down for a really long time!

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