Sunday, February 13, 2011

weekend recap

we made it to natchez sat morning and i'm glad we did! i made the final decision when my alarm went off at 6:30AM (way earlier than i get up during the week!) and knew that if i didn't go i'd regret it. so i loaded o up, gave her a baggie full of stale fruit loops (i'm not joking) and we were on the road at 7:45 (i hit snooze until 7). we picked up julie in ferriday and were at the warehouse by 10. it had definately been picked over; no full racks left at all. so i just started walking around asking people for their discarded items. i have no shame... i got 10 (11 after suzanne went back and got me the striped leggings! can't thank her enough!) items and am very happy with it. mostly 3/4 size things b/c apparently 2s were VERY hard to come by. i think next year i'll go down the night before. i may or may not camp out but i'll be there when they open!
and yes, that's a swimsuit cover up with "olivia" already monogrammed on it! emery called me while i was in ferriday wtg on julie and said it had fallen in her lap and did i want it. she really didn't even need to ask! i'll have to get shirts made for 2 pairs of pants i got but that won't be hard. and that brown flower thing above the green polka dot gown... i'm not sure if it's a shirt or a dress (it'd be pretty short for a dress) but i liked it so i got it. now just gotta figure out how to wear it! this is what a $9.99 sale does to me! haha!
today was BUSY! i'm WORN OUT! after o decided she needed to wake up at 6:45 (way earlier than usual) we made it to ss and church and when i got o out of the nursery she was a WILD woman. i don't know what they gave her in there but she came RUNNING out and ran in circles in the hallway; barreled down the stairs and was laughing the whole time! i knew then we were good for lunch out! old mexico didn't disappoint! i got o down by 1 for her nap and got busy working on finishing up my kool kids tagging and got the car loaded with all that stuff. by now it's 1:50 and o is awake. we finished up a few things at the house, went to kool kids drop off, got a sonic drink, ran by suzanne's to pick up the before mentioned leggings, came home and cleaned the kitchen, went to another friend's to "shop" before she took her stuff to kool kids, went grocery shopping, came home and ate dinner and then went back to the church so i could help with a few things for our sunday school class. i'm tired just thinking about it all! when i dropped o off tonight in the nursery i told the woman about my wild child after church and she confessed to giving her gummies. note to more gummies! but it was funny! once i got o in bed (at almost 8) i ate dinner and did her valentine's for daycare. these will not win me mother of the year but at least she's not showing up empty handed!
and now i'm BEAT and going to bed. sure wish i had another day off to get some good sleep!


  1. Just reading this makes me tired!

  2. Drew & Olivia can be TWINS!!! I got 4 of the same outfits for Drew from there. And the outfit in it a shirt or a dress?, I asked the chick & it's a shirt that crosses in the back. They can wear it with white shorts or cute capri style pants!! Its too adorable!!! So glad you had a good weekend. Next year, I say we all plan to make it a girls trip and GO!!!!!