Sunday, July 15, 2012


This was a busy weekend! Thursday I had a tooth pulled that ended miserably. Friday was a LONG day at work and all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and sleep. But I'm a single mama. I know I didn't tell him how much I appreciate him and most likely just yelled at the poor boy but he was a champ Friday night and entertained o for a bit so I could catch a very quick cat nap before heading to dinner. After she went to bed I got into that curled up position and attempted peaceful sleep. Not so much! My mouth HURTS!!

Saturday came bright and early and after a 4am lortab run poor o was own her own for about an hour and a half bc I couldn't function. Lesson learned and I now know my cutoff time for middle of the night narcotics! After coming out of my fog we headed to Monroe for avie's bday party.

Then we met emery and Harper at newks for lunch. Matt and his cousin joined us at the end so o and I sat with them while they ate. Then to hobby lobby where o assured me the fake flowers smelled very pretty.

Our next stop was the boys grandmother's house but o fell asleep in the car so I just ran in for a few minutes and then left. She finally woke up at 4.

Then the boy came to Ruston and we all went to see ice age. I think o liked it. It was cute.

I'm tired just thinking abt Saturday and today was almost just as busy. But with no nap!! Church....

Catherine williams bday party.

Then to Monroe for dinner with the boy's family. His mom is spoiling o and had her a new chair (this is like gold to o. She loves herself a new chair), a Barbie and a coloring book. She just made herself at home today! Gotta love a 3 year old. They can be bought!

Now I'm worn out, going to take a narcotic and going to bed. Praying the pain eases up soon! I have to go back on the 30th to finish the job (this dentist couldn't get the roots out so I'll be going to an oral surgeon) so I'd like some relief before I have to do this all over again!!

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  1. are one busy lady! I love how you reference "the boy." It's cute!

  2. Geez -- I'm exhausted just from reading this! I hope the pain is easing up for you!

  3. Good to know not to take and pain meds whilst taking care of a child. Thanks for the heads up!

    All the parties and Ice Age sounded fun!