Wednesday, July 18, 2012


O got a little get a way this week. She went to Winnsboro Monday and came back today. They stayed up way past bedtime, went swimming and got a haircut.

On the way down Monday mom stopped at brookshires in Monroe. My cousin works there. His mom was my mom's sister and she passed away about 5 years ago. He commented to my mom that o looks just like his mom and wanted a pic with her. He and his twin brother are such sweet boys. They'd be great catches for any high school girls you may know!

I got this pic Tuesday night at 9:30. They were having dessert at 9:30!! Bedtime is 8:30!!

I got mom to take o for a haircut while there. I'm loving the new summer do. Took about 2 inches off!

Only at GG and pops house can you go get a haircut in your pj's!

She loves going there and always comes back worn out! Sign of a good time!

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