Thursday, July 19, 2012

Super Why live!!

Last night I took o to Monroe on a date! We met mom, dad and the boy at newks for dinner and then went to the show. Super Why is one of her favorite shows on PBS.

O took a pic of the boy at dinner. She'd been in winnsboro for 2 days and i swear she was more excited to see him than me. Stinker. He was headed to work after we ate.

I enjoyed the show and really think o did too. She's not an overly animated child but she's talked about it non-stop so I'm making the assumption!

Woofster is her favorite character.

Love doing fun things with her!!

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  1. Mom told me they had fun swimming. And I so wish I could've brought DS up for Super Why. He loves that show, but not making the 3-hour car ride to North LA after the crazy week I've had really worked out for us!

  2. Olivia looks like a big girl sitting there for the show. Looks like she loves diet coke:).