Monday, July 30, 2012

Myrtle beach and o's first sleepover

I left last Thursday for a work trip to myrtle beach. This is my favorite work trip; it really is a lot of fun with plenty of free time. One night was a casino night. You don't have to twist my arm hard to make me play with fake money to win awesome prizes! I went all in on red while playing roulette. That really is a fun game!

We had plenty of free time for this!

O had her first sleepover at Jenny's Friday night! They went to Raw and stayed up until 10:30. O is still talking about it.

Saturday Jenny took o to w'boro for aunt Nell's 80th birthday party. But first they went swimming at the Anders'.

Cousins Casey and Callie.

And Wyn.

Yes I realize o wore the same outfit both nights. Apparently Jenny didn't tell mom that outfit was dirty!!

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