Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Photo dump

I realize I do this a lot. But I'm so afraid I'm going to forget how Olivia "was" when she's older. I want to bottle her up and keep her sweet heart like this forever. Too bad I can't.

At Jenny's house. She said she got in trouble!

Sleepy little girl.

She has a heart for others. I know. When I was laid up on the couch nursing my mouth she brought me blankets, stuffed animals and asked if she could get me anything. She would kiss my forehead and say, "you sick mama?" she's shy and timid around others but boisterous and so much fun with me and those she's closest too. She's asking so many questions and absorbing and remembering everything.

For some reason I'm being sentimental tonight.

Tooth update... It's better. Not healed but not awful. More like an annoying "thumping" in my mouth ALL DAY LONG. And my gums are so sore. I massage them several times a day bc it's the only thing that feels good!

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