Monday, July 23, 2012

Tooth be gone.

Back in may at my 6 month dental check-up Amanda noticed an abscess on my back left molar. An X-ray showed what she and dr Johnston thought to be a rare condition called resorption. I got an appt with an endodontist for early June. He told me he wouldn't suggest a root canal bc he probably couldn't save the tooth. From there I went to a periodontist in Monroe on July 12 to have the tooth extracted. He took half the tooth but couldn't get the roots. I left there with half a tooth and an appointment with an oral surgeon in Monroe for July 30. By Tuesday of last week I couldn't take it anymore. I just knew it was infected bc I was in some pain. So I called dr Johnston to see if he'd look at it. After discussing my case with dr anzalone it was confirmed that I would be in pain until the rest of the tooth was out. Well that wasn't gonna cut it so I cancelled the appt with the guy in Monroe and got into an oral surgeon on Thursday in Shreveport. He was my lifesaver. He got the roots and stitched me up. Gave me more pain meds and said I'll see you in two weeks for a check-up. So I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday recouping with pain meds and ice packs.

My mom stayed Thursday and Friday nights and the boy came on Sunday. He's an ICU nurse so I just knew he'd be awesome. Well.... Let's just say he tried. And I'm happy with that! :)

There are all kinds of funny stories that go along with this post but they are just too long to go into. Hopefully in years to come ill be able to remember them.

Snaggle tooth blogger, Jessie.

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