Tuesday, July 31, 2012

let’s back up…

i’m going to be in so much trouble for this one.  let me apologize now.  sorry, boy.

i texted courtney yesterday to tell her happy anniversary.  she responded that her anniversary meant that the boy and i had been dating a year now.  not totally true but it was the anniversary of our first date.  i cannot tell you the anniversary of our dating life b/c i just don’t keep up with stuff like that.  i only know this first date date b/c it was at courtney’s wedding.

he accompanied me to courtney’s rehearsal dinner and wedding.  he was a total trooper.  b/c i was in the wedding he came later with my sisters and their husbands.  they all met my parents there.  i did my duty as a bridesmaid and walked down the aisle.  as i got to my spot and turned around i saw it.  HE WAS SITTING NEXT TO MY MOTHER!  i nearly died.  talk about breaking him in.  i didn’t even know if i really liked this guy and he’s sitting next to my mom?!?!


after the rehearsal dinner we met a group of his friends at enoch’s  to listen to josh madden.


after the wedding we went to shelley’s birthday party.  then on sunday we went to a movie before i headed back to ruston.  it, in all honesty, was a weekend long first date. 

he must not have been too traumatized.  he continued to call me.  a few weeks after the wedding we went to a corey smith concert.

IMG_0118    and we celebrated lindsey’s birthday at portico.

IMG_0132and we watched a lot of football.

IMG_0471so that catches you up to this past january when the boy made his blog appearance.  and to think this all happened b/c one night last june i jokingly asked him to go with me to a wedding.  i never thought he’d say yes.  but i’m glad he did. 

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  1. Whoa, this is "boy" overload! This is like his "stats" post.