Monday, July 19, 2010

an afternoon with olivia

i didn't intend to do this today. it just kinda happened. here's a typical afternoon after work with olivia. in pictures!!
today she mastered stairs while i fixed her supper. she's been working on these steps for a few days now and finally got it!
making her way from the top to second step

she made it to the second step
finished! went down both steps!
she climbs on everything!
please excuse the diaper that apparently needed changing. that's why i prefer target diapers - they don't "droop" and get puffy!
she's still getting things she's not suppose to and carrying them around...a box from the trash...
i leave the door open for 2.5 seconds to run to my car and i turn around and she's out the door running down the driveway!! oh my!
so i make her "work" to get back in! ha!

after bath it's time to kiss minnie mouse.

and then take all the books off the shelves.

she wears me out but it sure is fun!


  1. I can tell she is not stop, always on go go go! Too cute! Good luck keeping up with her!