Thursday, July 29, 2010

pigskins and pearls

i attended the 1st annual Pigskins and Pearls luncheon today at squire creek. it was great! our (tech's) new coach sonny dykes and his wife kate are huge supporters of the boys and girls club and put this event together to raise money for the ruston b&g club. from what i could tell it was a huge success!
kate dykes with the players
coach dykes, the offensive cord and the defensive cord were there along with the equip manager. the goal of the event to to teach us women about football so we can impress "our man" next time we're at a game or watching one on tv! they showed us the new intro video for this year and apparently we were the first group to see it! we were special! i will say that when they started trying to teach us plays i zoned out. it was SOOO over my head!
coach dykes
here's my list of personal highlights from the event.

1) chad boyd loves his mama! they asked him what was the hardest part about going from high school to college and he said his mama's home cooking! also, having someone (his mama) keeping him in line. he talked about always acting "right" b/c his mama wouldn't want him to act "bad"! it was so sweet!
2) this big guy - not sure of his name. the players walked around with their helmets to "show them off" and he was at a table next to ours. he held out the helmet to the ladies at the table and said, and i quote, "you want to touch it, you want to feel it". i wish i could insert "tone" here and his sly little grin. i was dieing out laughing and he was loving it!

3) i'm not sure who this is but he was CUTE! so, to my friend that works in athletics, who is he and how old is he? :) my luck, he's probably a freshman.

4) jackie won a package from seasons valued at $500 for hair removal! i want her to give it to me!

i jacked all of these pics from bulldog barks and bites. to the photographer, i give you full credit!


  1. Love it! And they lost me after the first was a fun social gathering though!!

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  3. Since you outed yourself as a blog stalker, I will admit this...I just Facebook stalked hottie #89. He has a girlfriend...boooooo!

  4. he should have a gf. he's HOT!!

  5. wow, he IS cute... even more of a reason to watch football! :)

  6. What a great idea!