Monday, July 26, 2010

a funny little story

it's no secret that i blog stalk people. nobody in particular. but i do have SEVERAL blogs that i read that i've never met the person behind the screen. MoJoy is one of those.

go read this post. pay close attention to the last sentence. now, read the comments on this post. are you getting the story yet???

here's the back story of how i came to "blog stalk" mojoy. she lives a mere 30 minutes from ruston and has an office in ruston. so, i've always known her name from her business. i also had several friends in college observe/intern at her therapy place. she had a nephew battling cancer and blogged about that (she still does) and i came to LOVE this family. that little boy became a celebrity in these parts. after he passed away i wanted to keep in touch so i just kept reading. my sister, jackie, runs in the st. jude race every year (well, this will be her second) on his team, Team Jake. from her blog she appears to be someone that i could be best friends with!! ha!

so, let me tell you what happened on saturday.

jackie told me that spoiled rotten in monroe (the store is owned by melanie massey's sister, stacy) was having an end of season clearance sale. well, thanks to the city of ruston (another long story) i had a few extra dollars in my pocket that needed to be spent. so jackie, olivia and i went shopping. we're in the store looking around and jackie holds up a dress that's super cute. jackie says to me, "this was their easter dress". (their referring to melanie and stacy's kids) the sales girl sees jackie holding up this dress and says, "that dress is super cute monogrammed." i reply, "i know! i stalk melanie massey's blog!" haha. it's just something i said in passing thinking we'll all move on with life. the sales girl replies, "really, that's funny, she's here." I NEARLY DIED. this girl goes back there and tells her something to the effect of having a blog stalker in the store. i hear her laugh and yell something about blog stalkers; jackie wanted to crawl in a hole!!

we finish our shopping and go to check out. sure enough, there she is making jewelry or doing some other craft she's so good at. i just half waived and smiled and mumbled something about being a blog stalker. we left.

jackie is still dieing and now i'm wanting to get in that hole with her! thank goodness we had olivia with us to be cute and funny. she was running around and so we all just kinda laughed at her!

so, i get home saturday and while olivia is napping i catch up on my facebook/blog reading. melanie (aka mojoy) had posted a blog that morning so i commented on it to properly "introduce" myself.

that catches you up. long story short, unless you're ready to actually meet the person behind the screen then don't tell people that obviously know them that you "stalk their blog"! it was kinda like meeting a celebrity (well, she is a celebrity to me!) you finally get to meet the person in question and you have no clue what to say; especially after having put your foot in your mouth!!

so, melanie, if you're reading this, i'd LOVE to do lunch with you one day!

fyi - i'm posting this b/c i'm mortified that this entire fiasco happened. but i might as well laugh with you, at me instead of just having you laugh at me!


  1. Hahaha, I think this is would soooo happen to me, too!

  2. Haha, I love it! Sometimes I forget that I haven't personally met some of the people I read about. Is that sad? ha

    Oh, and YES, we should be at hopefully several Tech football games this fall so YES, we will have to hang out and get these lil girls together!!

  3. So funny... I would probably do the same thing if I ran into some of the bloggers I stalk! My go-to slow cooker cookbooks are the Sandra Lee's Slowcooker Cookbook 1 and 2. They are so easy!

  4. Just to commiserate with you.....I am the same way, I followed Jake's caringbridge and now MoJoy. Kelsey started therapy a few weeks ago at the MMPT office in Monroe. Well, when I took her Friday for her session, guess who here therapist for the day was? That's right, Melanie! I had to just go ahead and tell her I was a MoJoy follower, to which she replied, "Well, then you are like family!" Love your blog...maybe one day I will get back to ours!

  5. Jessie that is so funny! I am totally stopping all blog stalking at this moment!

  6. That is mortifyingly hilarious! I love it. We all blog-stalk. In fact, there are several that I "follow" through YOUR blog. :) Too funny!

  7. I am rolling on the floor!!

  8. I forgot to comment yesterday, but I was laughing out loud reading this!

  9. OK, I didn't quite understand the whole story at lunch, but this is hysterical! LOVE IT! Glad I'm not the only crazy chic with a mouth. I stalk Kelle Hampton, I swear we "could" be friends!

  10. Ok, so I just read this and must admit that I've been blog stocking YOU! :) I saw the link on the Journey page and couldn't resist! I just love the pics of little miss O! I must admit it feels good to "come clean"