Tuesday, July 20, 2010

weekend highs and lows

i only have one pic to prove it but i had an awesome weekend! friday night drinks and late night out with jenny and her peeps. i've decided that i've passed my prime and midnight is my bedtime. my motto since college has been that nothing good happens after midnight. and it doesn't. i got pulled over (well past midnight) friday on my way home. the state trooper was super nice and told me to use my blinker from here on out. yes, sir!!
in the midst of getting pulled over my window motor decided to die. so, some friends get it up for me and i go on home. this brings us to saturday morning. it pours down rain. but, it's ok b/c my window is stuck in the "up" position, right? wrong!! it had fallen sometime in the night and now the inside of my car is soaking wet. great. i take a shower and get dressed (not looking great knowing that i have to ride with the window down and sit on a wet seat...) and head to burt's chevron who sends me to joe lee's who is closed on saturdays. great. it's suppose to rain all weekend and i don't have a garage... a trip to the dealership leads me to believe that anyone that uses a dealership to fix problems is a complete idiot. they wanted $430! are they crazy! long story short - a friend's husband got my window up for me and my brother-in-law is fixing it for about $100 (the cost of the part). problem solved. we missed avie hendrix's bday party b/c of this fiasco but at least my window is up!
sorry, i got lost. this brings us to sat night. the worst of my weekend is over and it's time to have fun. seriously. i went out to dinner with a great group of people to celebrate missy's bday. she's 28 for the 3rd year in a row! ha! this is the only pic i have of the entire weekend (and i didn't take it). sad...

starting with the girl in the red and going clockwise - carey, melissa, kathryn, matt (hiding), blake, jw, lauren, emily, me, missy (the bday girl) and thomas

after dinner back to her house for a little gathering of folks and i was home by midnight!! :) side note: i always have so much fun with these girls and matt (who's always with the girls! ha!) i wish we all lived closer so we could hang out more often!

sunday morning our traditional brunch at johnny's and it was GOOD! then, i layed out all afternoon with another group of friends. fun times!

so, it was a great weekend with only a few minor mishaps. i made my rounds by hanging with so many different groups of friends! i missed my baby girl tremendously and am glad to have her home!!


  1. I can't believe your car got rained in! Bless your heart.

  2. Bummer! When it rains, it pours... never a truer statement.