Sunday, July 11, 2010

the destroyer. and randomness.

olivia aka the destroyer. this child can mess up a room in about 2.5 seconds. she'll pull EVERY toy she owns out of the toy box in the living room and throw them all over the place. she's not happy until EVERY toy is out of that box!
she also figured out how to remove the bottom rack of my dishwasher. have i mentioned how hard it is to keep and eye on her and still get everything done. i wouldn't trade it for the world though! :)
random happenings over the last week (so i can look back and remember...):

1-i have a sinus infection. started late tuesday/early wednesday. i've considered going to quick care this afternoon but think i may wait until tmrw and see if grigsby can squeeze me in. i'm tired of waiting it out...

2-i bought size 4 diapers yesterday. SAD. and we're going to a size 5 overnight diaper tonight. i've changed her sheets WAY TO MANY TIMES over the past 3-4 nights.

3-i hosted our book club this past wednesday night and made the best dessert! you should try it! go here to check it out! thanks, lindsey, for posting it!
(2 pics probably weren't necessary.)

4-we made it to sunday school AND church today. o started screaming as soon as we walked in the nursery door. i just don't get it. you could hear her screaming at the other end of the hall. i went between ss and church and she was crying but they assured me she had been playing but was told "no" to taking someone else's sippy cup (cue drama...). when i went after church she was crying and they again assured me it was b/c they had quit giving her cookies. who knows. she probably did cry the entire time i was gone but at least the sweet ladies are trying to make me feel better! and, congrats to me for going to both ss and church. i've gotten in a very bad habbit of going to just ss (and blaming it on olivia's nursery issues). i need my butt back in church! side note - i tried the contemporary service today with some friends that were visiting. it was great; just not for me. i'll go back to the traditional. i like the routine of the traditional service. sit, stand, pray, sing. i know what to expect and what to say and when to do it all. call me old fashioned. but man, those stadium seats in the trinity center are some kinda comfy!!

i guess that's enough randomness for now. have a great week!

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