Friday, July 16, 2010


my child could be a clepto. her new favorite pasttime is taking things that she's not suppose to.
i also think she inherited her gg and pop's hoarding skills. this kid LOVES to put things inside other things. it's really kinda cute to watch. :)

on a personal note... kelly over at kelly's korner (my best friend - she just doesn't know it yet) is having a fabulous "show us your life" today! it's all about showing off your single friends/family! i may or may not have browsed through the single boys and there may or may not be some CUTE single boys living in the southern united states! ha! if you're reading this and you're single - go check it out! you may just find "the one"!!


  1. Olivia is pretty strong to be carrying that ginormous toilet paper stash!!

  2. You always make me smile. When life gives you lemons, might as well make some lemonade. Hang in there and good for you!
    Landry Grace and Olivia would get along great!