Sunday, October 17, 2010

17 mths, tech homecoming and trinity fall festival

olivia was 17 mths old on friday! no official photo - my skills are slipping. a quick rundown of what she's up to: in addition to the words listed in her 16 mth post she will now attempt to say pumpkin, gg & pops. still eating really well. loves her new sitter, mrs. debbie. didn't cry at drop off in the church nursery today!! shelley (her eca teacher) told me today that she's been doing really well in sunday school (she said "mooo" today when asked what a cow says! she still won't do that for me!)

tech's homecoming was this weekend. o did great all day long after her first TWO spankings on sat morning. yes, 2 spankings before 10 am. i think we hit the terrible 2's this weekend. but anyway... friday night me and my friend hillary took o and her son reynolds to the pep rally. then on saturday we had lunch at sundown and then headed to the game after naptime. while tailgating we ran into rachel, amanda, & yitin. so good to see them! well, i see rachel all the time but it's still good to see a group of people! we also saw lindsey at the game and visited while in line for a smoothie (which o drank most of...note to self - next time get 2.)

then today we went to church and then after nap headed back up there for trinity's fall festival. this was my first time to attend this and they do an AWESOME job! o had her face painted for the first time, played in the corn dig, jumped in the jumpy, went on a hay ride, played the duck game, ate LOTS of ice and had her first hamburger and cheetos! big day for a little kid! not to dampen the mood but i had my first taste of being a single parent. we were in line for burgers and o spilled her ice. so, off to find napkins to clean that up. then, have you ever tried to hold a toddler, a hamburger plate, chips, diaper bag and drink all at once? i HUGE thank you to the nice lady that helped me! i'm sure there will be many more situations like this but it HIT today that i'm a single parent. as hard as it sometimes is i'm loving the one on one time and the memories we're making!

o had a fun-filled weekend and i'm so thankful that i got to spend it with her! making memories is what it's all about! she won't remember this but i'll be able to show her the pics and tell her all about it. i mean, what kid wouldn't want to do all this???

oh, just a funny story that i want to remember: when i went to the church nursery to pick her up after ss she was playing in the toy refridgerator. i watched her for a mintue or two and then called her name. she came running towards me and then stopped and turned around, headed back to the fridge. i looked at her worker like, what??? then o got to the fridge, shut the door and came running back to me! she had forgotten to shut the door! how cute is that!


  1. Love all the pics!! Exposure is what it is all about! She is having fun with her mama & enjoying every second of it!!!! The picture of the fire truck is hilarious. You are in for it with that bottom lip!

  2. It kills me that she's getting so big -- mainly b/c she's only 6 months older than David Scott -- but still. She's turning into a sassy little lady and I love it!

  3. I know things have got to be tough sometimes, and I really look up to you for making the most of a hard situation :). Love hearing about the sweet moments with your sweet girl! You two are too cute, and I am so grateful we were able to run into you on Saturday. LOVED the smoothie was priceless!!

  4. I made the blog! We should have taken a picture, but I know you were probably in a hurry to get into the game. Yay for a Tech win!