Sunday, October 10, 2010

food, crafts and escape artist

my mom was in town friday and so she kept o most of the day. they had lunch at ponchatoula's (where o had her first fried shrimp. guess she's not allergic to shell fish!) and shopped at lusiana traditions (where my mom bought her her first lip gloss and "bling"). but o's favorite part of the day was having her first humphrey. mouth wide open...
today i became crafty and made a wreath. i've never done anything like this. i don't LOVE it but i'm happy with it. i'm going to try a different technique on my next one but i'm happy enough with this one.
oh my! time to start locking the doors! well, not really. she can only reach it. she can't turn it. but still....that day is coming!


  1. Great job on the wreath! I'm needing a Humphrey now. =)

  2. What a gorgeous wreath you crafty thing!

  3. cute wreath. O looks so adorable!!!