Wednesday, October 13, 2010

full week so far!

first - my last post was my 200th post and i didn't even realize it. dang it! we'll celebrate the next milestone i guess...

first, i've complained to almost everyone that my child refuses to watch tv. i've tried everything. it doesn't work. well, after work on monday i HAD to do a few things and needed her to entertain herself. haha!! so, i put on a dr. seuss dvd, turned her chair to face the tv and gave her milk and a snack. it worked! for all of 45 seconds... i know i should be happy that she doesn't sit still and is always on the go (she doesn't get that from me! ha!!) but sometimes it'd be nice to get just a few things done without a toddler attached to my leg. we'll get there...and if i'm honest i kinda like things the way they are. :)
tuesdays are ALWAYS hectic! i pick o up after work and we have to be at kindermusik by 6. let me tell you how dirty she is after daycare. i'm amazed daily. my child LOVES dirt and mrs. debbie lets her enjoy herself! so, i get her home, shove some food down her (she really doesn't eat; i guess b/c it's so early so i'm convinced she doesn't eat enough on tuesdays.) and clean her up which involves a bath with wipes and a change of clothes and then we're off! o has really become the social one at kindermusik! she does everything like the "older" kids in her class, picks everything up, "dances" to the songs, etc. she also wanders... last night she ripped a poster off the wall. so, we have a little work to do! i'm just glad she's so into now!! no longer does she just sit in my lap and watch!
i had to pick o up early today and take her for a flu shot. we got to the doctor's office and they called us right back. she cried for about .05 seconds and then was FINE. seriously, i could not have asked for an easier kid!! but the sweet nurse gave her a sucker anyway. i'm pretty ocd when it comes to messes so of course she doesn't get it until we're home and safely in the backyard (keeping all cloth surfaces out of harms way)! this was her first sucker. she LOVED it. she ran around with that sucker for about 20 minutes. then, when the sucker was gone and it was time to throw the stick away...let's just say that it took some distracting!
i had to snap this in the waiting room. she's never just sat and waited. now, she did run around quite a bit but for a short time she was sitting and waiting patiently. poor thing...didn't have a clue!
and then enjoying her sucker at home!
we've got a FULL weekend planned so i'm gonna rest up and get ready!


  1. Girl, you are better than me, I don't even let Tucker have a sucker! :) I'm glad she did well for you and the shot! I've heard that they even hurt some grown-ups! :) Sweet girl!

  2. I'm so glad that she's loving Kindermusik now!

  3. That reminds me... we need our flu shots too! ugh. That's great that Olivia can handle shots so well... Claudia, not so much. =)