Friday, October 29, 2010

halloween - part 1

i have been so busy this week that i haven't had a chance to post! monday we went to the kd meeting to help out a friend that was speaking/presenting and when we left olivia said "bye bye" for the first time! she said it to a room of 100 girls; how appropriate! tuesday we had kindermusik and then the tech/boise game. right after kindermusik we headed straight to ashley and grayson's for a little game watching party. we had a great time as there were several other kiddos there for olivia to play with! thanks for having us grayson and ashley!
supporting the dawgs at kindermusik!
on wednesday o started wearing her halloween themed clothes! i never thought i'd be that parent that dresses their kid for the holidays. i was wrong!! i love it! we had some mail and goodie to open after we got home so i took her outside for this. she LOVES sitting by the pumpkin. everytime we enter or leave the house she sits on the front step next to it and "pets" it.
thanks, reynolds, for the surprise treat!
thanks, gg, for the card and money!!
after that we were going to trinity's turnk-or-treat! this was the 1st annual and it was a hit! i thought olivia wouldn't handle it well with all the costumes and strangers but she did awesome! she totally got the concept of taking candy from strangers! piece by piece she would do it forever if we let her!
o and dev
getting some candy from cousin donna
and last night i made cupcakes for her to take to the sitters! this is her first real holiday that she's old enough to 1) take something and 2) actually enjoy it! hope the other kids enjoy them too!

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  1. Yay for ladybugs!! Olivia is adorable in her costume. Happy Halloween!