Sunday, October 3, 2010

an almost PERFECT weekend

this weekend couldn't have gotten much better. it was low key and fun and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! just the way i like them! friday night after our tech photo shoot emery, hudson and jenny came over for dinner. saturday morning we got up early and headed to monroe to support jackie and team jake at a pancake breakfast. after that we shopped. i got some much needed fall clothes (realized today that the jeans i bought are "short" and i definately don't wear a short so those have to go back. ugh.) and then lunch with jackie at chick-fil-a. it was o's first time to eat chick-fil-a and i didn't take the first picture of any of this. side note - chick-fil-a has a 1 strip kids meal. PERFECT!! i keep making mental notes of places that have the best options for kids that won't break my bank... by then o was worn out so we headed home. she was asleep in the car before we got to jackie's to drop her off so i set my cruise on 70 for the drive home to prolong it as much as possible. side note - i hate being the slow driver on the interstate but when you know your child is gonna wake up for good as soon as you get home you do what you gotta do! then, saturday afternoon we went to the park with emery and hudson. this was really the first time i let olivia run wild at the park. she had a ball. playing in the sand, throwing sand, digging, swinging, sliding (this was also a first but i held her hand so she wouldn't hit the ground too hard!) she was FILTHY when we left there.
she had some kind of bad hair day yesterday!
they LOVED the random dog!
i'm trying to "embrace the camera" more... o was thrilled.
today we made it to sunday school and then home for lunch/nap. she took another short nap (just over an hour - why is she not napping as well as she usually does???) so after our trip to walmart we played in the backyard for well over an hour. i sat on the patio and she lived it up in the backyard! i love that my yard is fenced and i don't have to keep an eye on her every second. (this time i let her slide by herself. it was hilarious. you'll see in the pics!) she, again, had a ball! i cooked a fabulous dinner (pioneer woman's baked lemon pasta) and then we played inside for a good long while. o was just in the best mood all weekend and we had so much fun playing and being goofy!
getting ready to slide by herself for the first time
so, you ask what could have made this weekend better??? well, tech lost. again. i stayed up until midnight listening and then had to turn it off. it was pretty ugly. hopefully we can get on track before the season is over!