Saturday, October 23, 2010

pumpkin party

o attended her 1st of many halloween activities today. kd held a pumpkin party for local girl scout troops and alum's kids. the alumnae assoc helps with the event so i made the treat bags and loaded/unloaded 30 pumpkins in this october heat. i'm so glad to be a part of a chapter that loves to give back to the community through projects like these. i was helping a girl (upper elem / jr high age) and she had never carved a pumpkin. i got the lid cut out and off and told her to get after it and she looked at me and asked what she was suppose to do. i nearly cried.
rett brought olivia b/c it's his weekend with her. i'm glad he decided to bring her even though she only had an hour nap today and started getting pretty cranky towards the end! she had a blast painting her pumpkin, decorating her cookie (well, rett decorated it but she ate every bite), coloring and playing!
the cookie decorating table

she liked her cookie!

getting good at putting color to paper

getting some help from her dad

this is rare - us both looking AND smiling at the camera!

o and catherine williams - they were staring at a cookie rebecca was holding!

o and her masterpiece. she must have really loved it b/c she would NOT look up for this pic!


  1. I love her pumpkin! The picture of her and Catherine looking at the cookie is too funny. Anniston would be lunging forward for that thing...she's a little aggressive when it comes to food! ha

  2. Oh how fun! I LOVE the pic of ya'll two!!

  3. sweet olivia looks like a little sigma kappa if you ask me :)