Friday, October 22, 2010

show us your life - nurseries

well, i've looked high and low and can't find a post i did on o's nursery. i found random tidbits about the nursery but no post dedicated to the whole room. so, b/c kelly at kelly's korner is hosting "kids rooms" this week i thought why not?!? olivia has several sentimental pieces in her room. her bed was my baby bed that we had refinished. her dresser was the first piece of furniture i bought when i moved out of the dorms in college. got it at a junk shop and i still love it! the shelf was part of a larger shelf that her dad's dad or granddad built. we cut it in half, painted it and put a top on it. the rocking chair was my grandparents - they bought it when jenny (my twin sister) and i were born so they'd have a rocker at their house when we visited. sorry you regulars have seen most of this. if you're new here, enjoy!
the olivia canvas came from nat kat designs and was the first thing i ordered/bought once i got the bedding in.
close up of olivia's canvas.
rachel at the peek a bootique did the monogram canvases and the pic frame with flower on top of the shelf
close up of shelf with pic frame. that lamp - yeah that was another impulse buy. all little girls need a little bling in their room!
my junk find dresser turned into olivia's changing table/dresser
close up of the bedding. i fell in love with this bedding the minute i saw it but then had reservations b/c i thought it'd be too busy. once i got it in i had NO regrets! and i still get giddy when i go in her room and see it!
jackie made olivia this bow holder and i LOVE it!! if you need one call her - she loves doing it!


  1. What a gorgeous little girls room! I loooooove the bling!

  2. So cute. I especially love the bow holder. And Olivia's bedding! I'm inspired to do a post on Claudia's nursery!

  3. So cute! I love the pink & green & her bedding!

  4. Her room is SO ADORABLE!!! You have a great eye for decorating! :-) It's the perfect little girls room! :-) Her bedding is adorable :-)