Tuesday, October 5, 2010

fall fashion and random tid bits about olivia

i'm loving that o is getting to wear her fall clothes. i've decided that leggings with dresses are the cutest thing ever on little girls. i may just try to sell everything i bought so far and go get more leggings and dresses! just joking! kind of.
i'm going to be a lazy blogger tonight and just insert little known facts about olivia between these cute pics of my cute child!
*she now will run to her room when i say "are you ready for bed/night night? it's awesome. if i say it and she keeps playing then she's not ready and we'll have a fight if i try to put her down. if she is ready she runs to her room and stands by her bed. this has been going on for about a week now. i wanted to test this theory for a while before i opened my big mouth about it!
*we took pumpkin patch pics today and she tried to say "pumpkin". it was soooo sweet. it didn't sound anything like pumpkin but she tried and that's what counts. she will now say "du" (duck) but still nothing easy like ball or dog. why is she not saying the "typical" kids first words? but, beggars can't be choosers and so i'm just happy that she's trying to repeat SOME words instead of the NONE from a few weeks back.
*she started with mrs. debbie this week and so far so good. of course she cries when i drop her off but mrs. debbie assures me that she stops not even a minute after i walk out the door. and i believe her b/c i've had other people tell me the same thing. she also made the comment that o LOVES to play outside and especially in the dirt. well, i already knew that! today when i picked her up she told me that when outside this afternoon she looked over to where o was and she was sitting on the ground, had taken both shoes off (she also hates shoes) and was rubbing her socks in the dirt! and i confirmed that when we got home - her socks were GROSS! :)

*she's just growing so fast. is there a magic time machine that can slow everything down? it's so hard to just stop and cherish the moment when i'm worried about getting her dinner on the highchair tray at a certain time or trying to get her loaded into the car in the morning so we won't be late. i've got to remember that this time won't last forever and the little things (being late somewhere) aren't nearly as important as enjoying and living in the moment. i'm really going to try and work on this.


  1. Awww! I love this post of little tidbits about O! She's getting so big and cuter by the picture. Hopefully, we'll see you guys this weekend. DS and I are heading up that way and are going to the pumpkin patch for pics by Sarah/Rachel and possibly to tailgate afterwards. We'll see...daycare just called and DS is running fever, so who knows...

  2. crap! it's rett's weekend. but i'd still love to see yall! i'm taking o to s'port for a bday party saturday and then to the rest of the game when we get back. what time are yall leaving sunday?