Sunday, May 1, 2011

more history making news.

since i'm awake waiting on obama to confirm this... osama bin laden has been killed. i'm blogging this simply to document it for olivia. afterall, this is her baby book. surely one day she'll thank me for it. :)

i remember 9-11-01 like it was yesterday. you know how our parents remember in detail the day jfk was shot... this is our generation's "day to remember." i was in my apartment getting ready for class. brandi jerry hall and i lived on barnett springs. as the today show broke the coverage we saw the 2nd plane fly into the 2nd building LIVE. i'll never forget it. i forced myself to finish getting dressed and go to class but every break i got i found a tv to watch the coverage. brandi and i watched this for days. everyone did.

and as we approach the 10 year anniversiary of this horrible day we get the news that the mastermind behind it all is dead. is it ok to be "happy" about someone dieing? i kinda feel bad for his family but on the otherhand i'm thrilled that we no longer have to deal with this man. does this mean that i'll no longer have to have a body scan at airports?
on a personal note... now bring our troops home!

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