Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2 year check-up and first swim of the season

another busy day!  and it was fun!  i really do love taking o places; except walmart.  we left bright and early this morning headed to dr. khanfar.  stats: *29.5 lbs (82%), *35.8 inches (91%), *19 inch head cir. (71%).

he joked that she's the size of an average 3 year old!  who knew?!?  when she was born on through her first year she was always in the 25-30%.  she's done a lot of growing!  hoss.  dr. khanfar is really so sweet.  when we were getting measured by the nurse he walked by and looked at o and said, "some girls are just beautiful and you're one of them!"  now, he probably says this to all of his patients but i was grinning from ear to ear!  he gave us a referral to dr. altic to get a mole checked out.  she was born with a pretty big mole at the top of her booty but recently it's either gotten different or darker.  i can't tell b/c i rarely look at it but i've noticed it lately and it bothers me so he agreed it was time to look at it.  i'll have to make that appt soon. 

after the dr we went to target and got a new toy organizer shelf thing.  we also got o some new tennis shoes b/c she starts emmanuel next week and has to wear shoes and socks.  gag me.  i’m really upset about this.  one, it’s hot outside.  two, she’s going to look ridiculous in socks and tennis shoes with a summer dress on.  but as long as everyone else looks just as ridiculous then i guess i can live with it!IMG_9545

then to sams, hobby lobby, chick-fil-a.  i found no-show socks at sams!  that makes this tennis shoe issue a little better.  we had a nice lunch at chick-fil-a and i let her play for a little bit.  IMG_9553 IMG_9550 she refused to nap so we went swimming – hey, what are vacays for?!?  she looks so cute in her pool gear!IMG_9559IMG_9566 IMG_9560

i’m SO glad that people suggested to emery the puddle jumper.  i saw several kids wearing them last year but didn’t know what they were called.  i picked one up today before going swimming and it saved o’s life!  after about 30 seconds in the pool she was jumping off the side to me.  (i was pretty shocked that she’d do this.)  we went back and forth from the kiddie pool to the big pool.  on one of our trips from the kiddie to the big she got ahead of me and ran straight into the big pool.  i was only half paying attention until i heard a splash, looked up and there was o bobbing in the pool.  i’ve never run so fast and jumped so hard into the shallow end!  the puddle jumper did it’s job!!!  thank God!IMG_9564IMG_9563

now sadly i go back to work tmrw after lunch.  fun is over.  but looking forward to a long, holiday weekend!


  1. You know how you double childrens height at 2 years to determine their adult height.. That means O is going to be between 5'9 & 5'10!! Yahoo for tall girls! :-)

  2. I love that picture with O in the shopping cart. Too funny!