Sunday, May 22, 2011

fun filled saturday

whew!  what a day!  we started with an awesome birthday party for sweet drew.  it was a papa simpson’s farm and this was our first time there.  we’ll DEFINITELY go back!  olivia was in heaven!  we held baby chicks, goats and sheep.  we fed baby cows, milked a cow, fed goats, chasaed goats, looked at pigs & donkeys, fed chickens, rode a horse and attempted a train ride which o was not a fan of.  other than that little hiccup she was a PRO with the animals.  i told somone i just need to find a farmer and we’ll be hooked up!  ha!  i asked mrs. papa simpson if we could come out every saturday and feed her animals! IMG_9396 IMG_9400 IMG_9420 IMG_9448 IMG_9469IMG_9491 after the party i ran home, changed clothes, left o here with gg and headed to monroe for courtney’s shower that the bridesmaids hosted.  we had it at vieux carre and it turned out really well!  there was a good turnout and she got lots of nice gifts!  and the food was awesome!  IMG_9504 IMG_9502 then straight back to ruston to pick up o and gg and off to brad anders’ graduation party/mrs. sherry’s bday party!  we had a lot of fun but the most fun was had by o.  the party was at rachel and dusty’s and they have 2 labs that o fell in love with.  she played with them for most of the party.  throwing their toys, retrieving them, feeding them ice, petting them.  i must say that dusty was great with her; maybe that’s a sign…  we got some good time in with sarah, scott and david scott as well.  sadly no pics were taken at this party. 

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