Sunday, May 8, 2011

weekend whatnot

i had planned to pick o up on friday and go to the grocery store for a few items, come home, cook and then go to eskimoes for a friday night treat. when i got to mrs. debbie's o was FILTHY. like so dirty i was way to embarrassed to take her anywhere so we had a low key night at home! i made her a bean and cheese quesadilla for a late cinco de mayo celebration and then let her open 2 bday presents early.
bday present from georgia dugdale. lots of fun new toys!
the doctor set is her fav. we've "listened" to our heartbeat A LOT since
friday night! ha!
a new quilt from aunt linda. we LOVE it!
saturday was even more low key! o decided that a nap was no fun so after almost 2 hours of her talking to herself in her crib i decided it wasn't worth it! i attended a fish fry for my friend courtney and her fiance, ben. they're getting married in july and i'm honored to be a bridesmaid!

poor brooke said that o had a pretty tough night b/c she was so tired but that she went down easily! and wouldn't you know...the very first time she chokes on anything it's with a sitter. seriously... o has never choked on anything; that i'm aware of. i'm not sure i'd know what to do. so glad brooke was here and obviously knew what to do!

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