Sunday, May 8, 2011

mothers day 2011

we've had a really great day! o woke up with a deep, loud breathing. not really a "wheeze". or a wheeze that i'm used to hearing. but she wasn't coughing, no fever, acted normal. so, i did a breathing treatment and we got dressed for church. after church we went to el torro for lunch and then o took a QUICK nap (i'm so sad that she's been trying to give up this nap for quite some time.) after nap (she woke up breathing normal so i guess it was just a fluke??) we headed to monroe for dinner with my fam and brock's fam. jackie and brock did a great job and the food was delish! i'm so sad i didn't take more pics!

o got to "open" her birthday present from her aunts and uncles a week early b/c jackie needed to use it today! it's a great picnic table that the top just pops off and it's a sand/water table underneath! olivia and brintley had a great time eating and playing at that table tonight.
i was blessed to receive a few gift cards today but the biggest blessing ever given to me is olivia. God knew what he was doing and where my life was headed when he gave me her. not only was she the easiest baby ever; she is the sweetest little girl. i'm not a sappy person so i won't go on and on about this. but let it be known that i've never been more proud than the day she was born (even though in my pain med induced fog i couldn't express that - i definitely thought it!)
and to my own mother - thank you for being a great example for me. i hope and pray that olivia never gives me the grief i gave you! i'm so sorry! now i know... :-)


  1. Happy Mothers Day to you!! Sweet post. And you and Olivia will LOVE having that picnic table!

  2. You are too sweet...what a precious girl you have (and me too! ha). Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!