Tuesday, May 31, 2011

first day of “school”

today was the day.  olivia started emmanuel.  drop off didn’t go so well but i know it’s going to take a few days for her to get used to her new surroundings.  the good news is that when i got there to pick her up she was happy and playing; albeit alone, but still playing.  once she makes friends i’m sure she’ll be happy there.

DSC01185 (1)

here’s o with mrs. debbie on her last day there; last week.  we’ve LOVED mrs. debbie and will really miss her.  she’s great with kids and i’d recommend her to anyone looking for a sitter for a toddler.  but, it was time to get some “learning” going on so we made the tough decision to move her.  i know o was learning things at mrs. debbies (example – she knows the word “boobies” and both rett and i deny teaching it to her so she had to pick it up there…  :) ) but picking it up from other kids and having a certified teacher are 2 different things.  with all that said, i already miss mrs. debbie!  we’d chat in the mornings and evenings and i consider her a friend.  i’ll still use her as my backup plan for emergency days when emmanuel closes; it’s gonna happen with lincoln parish’s record for closing b/c of a FORECAST of snow…  emphasis on FORECAST.  i have never in my life witnessed more school closings than i have since moving to ruston.  i digress…

i tried so hard to get a pic of o this morning on her first official day of “school” (i call it school b/c they do have a short lesson every morning) but the meltdown that occurred made it hard for me to get my camera ready so i’ll keep trying this week until we get one! 

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  1. Glad she had a great first day at school. She will have friends in no time!