Wednesday, May 25, 2011

new and improved playroom!

my dream finally became a reality tonight!  6 years ago when we first looked at this house i told rett “that” room (referring to the enclosed garage) would make a great playroom.  “that” room has been many things in 6 years.  it first served as a junk room that we could shut the door to.  then rett’s office when we found out i was pregnant.  then another junk room consisting of lots of wasted space.  6 years later i have that playroom!  now i have a coffee table, end table and other random furniture to get to my parents house but that will come!  i’m just so excited i no longer have toys in my living room!

the view looking in from the dining room – the wagon will be finding it’s permanent home outside; i’m tired of taking it out and bringing it back in.  i’ve decided it CAN get rained on!IMG_9569the view from the laundry room.  i don’t think that tv works but that’s ok since o doesn’t really like tv anyway!IMG_9570that lamp is going with the rest of the random furniture but until i can load it all up and take it down there it has to stay.IMG_9571


  1. Well done Jessie. It looks great!!

  2. That looks really organized!