Tuesday, May 17, 2011

sandbox fun!

gg and pops gave o a sandbox for her bday.  let the record show that i asked them to give her a sandbox but i was going to fill it with balls.  like a big, outdoor ball pit.  gg thought that was a terrible idea and that all kids need a sandbox so sand it is!  and who know those little bags of sand weigh so much???  it was tough filling that thing which is why i stopped after one bag.  i figure at the rate that she was throwing out the sand if i only put one bag at a time in it it might last through july!  you know how i know that she loves her new sandbox…when it was time to come inside i put the lid on the turtle and she belly-flopped on top of it like it was life or death and wailed.  like a gut wrenching cry.  she was unhappy!  so, the sand was a good idea.  but the first time i find cat poop in it i’m calling gg to come clean it out! IMG_9372 IMG_9373 IMG_9376 IMG_9378 IMG_9379IMG_9382 and did you notice that PONYTAIL???  we won’t be rocking that in public anytime soon; the front is still way to big (b/c it grows forward when you pull it back it just “poofs” up) but it is noteworthy that we now have the length for that!

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