Tuesday, May 3, 2011

kindermusik update

we're still loving kindermusik. we recently moved to monday nights with only "dew" (drew cramer) and aubrey. drew is quickly becoming olivia's best friend. every day she asks about pops, then gg, then caillou and then drew. EVERYDAY. i'm so glad we got a smaller class. the tuesday night class was pretty big and could get kinda crazy and i know that olivia is getting more out of the smaller class. these 3 girls are SO cute together! last week drew and olivia held hands at the end of class for our closing song and this week olivia held aubrey's hand. sweet! they giggle and play and imitate each other. aubrey is pushing 2 1/2 so i'm hoping some of her "wisdom" rubs off on o! ha! i've noticed that olivia talks a lot more in the smaller class and she participates more. i really think she'd get overwhelmed in the bigger class and kind of check-out. anyway... all of that to say that we're still loving it and just yesterday i signed her up for the summer class! can't wait!

we have to say hello and goodbye to the nomes every week!

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