Sunday, August 15, 2010

15 months old!

olivia is 15 months old today! i didn't do a 14 month post and totally regret that so i'm picking back up. here's what she's up to these days:
*walking and trying to run everywhere!
*will say "mama" and "uh-uh" (while shaking her head no).
*FINALLY moved into a size 3 shoe
*wearing 12-18 and 18 month clothes
*wears a size 4 day diaper and a 5 night diaper
*still has no front bottom teeth. has 4 top front and a bunch on the sides.
*is on the go except when she's asleep or eating. this child doesn't know what it means to rest.
*still shows no interest in tv
*dances to music
*eats most anything i put in front of her; she's not picky
*gives "sugar" with tongue
*is gradually moving to 1 nap a day. this weekend she took one nap on sat but 2 today. i guess we'll go back and forth for a little while.
*still takes a paci to sleep but i'm going to take it away any day now. just have to work up the nerve!
*loves to play outside
*is possibly the happiest baby i've ever met.
*claps and imitates noises but will only occasionaly wave "bye-bye"
*gives "high-fives"
*can climb out of restaurant high-chairs and grocery buggys. any help on how to prevent this would be appreciated!
this stage she's in is so much fun but also tiring! she's into everything and constantly on the go. she's super sweet and lovable and has the best personality. she's pretty easy to take places b/c she just likes to take it all in. she doesn't "go crazy" on me! ha! she wakes up happy and goes down happy and that just makes my day. it gives me some reassurance that i'm possibly doing things right.

i get excited every morning to get her out of bed b/c she gives me the biggest smile. it melts my heart! on the days that she's worn me out and i sigh of relief when she goes down for a nap i instantly miss her and wish she was back up playing with me! i can't get enough of her! i hope she always thinks it's fun to play with mama although i think the pre-teen/teen years may prove differently! olivia, you are precious and perfect and i love you so much! :)


  1. This is just the sweetest post for a beautiful little girl!! You do so well with your Olivia update posts...I still have to catch up on like the last three months!! Let us know how taking away the bedtime paci goes. You're braver than me. I'm not looking forward to that one!

  2. I still haven't taken the paci away either. I have been debating whether or not it was time. Emory has been going back and forth on the naps lately too. I think she is getting really close to doing one nap a day only. Our babies are growing up. It really is sad!

  3. Cute outfit! Olivia is always dressed so sweetly. :) David Scott crawls around in just a diaper half the time! And although DS doesn't appear to HAVE to have his paci, I am not looking forward to getting rid of it. It's a handy tool we'll use to calm him down sometimes.