Monday, August 30, 2010

coach's show

tonight was the first coach's show of the season. you know what that means....FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE!! i met jenny and missy at the show tonight. i was a little worried about how o would do considering she's known for her early bedtime but she did GREAT! since going to 1 nap a day her bedtime has slowly been pushing it's way back. she's now staying up til about 7:30-7:45. it was perfect!

before leaving for the show she had a meltdown and i'm still not sure why. i was talking to her about taking her picture and she just hit the floor!
ok, mom, just 1 picture...
she loves fried pickles!
she really enjoyed me letting her "roam"
jenny, o, me
we may make this a weekly activity. it's already loud in there b/c of the show going on and everyone in there is paying attention to the show so they don't really notice a child roaming the restaurant! it's a win/win!

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