Monday, August 23, 2010

support TEAM JAKE

my two sisters, one BIL and dad are running this year in the st. jude race in memphis in december. so, here's my push to get YOU to support them! :)

last year's runners - john, emily, jackie & rett
first, this race is HUGE. we had a great time last year supporting jackie, john, emily and olivia's dad. this year the whole fam is going back (i haven't decided if i'm going but the rest of the fam is) and jenny and my dad are joining in on the fun. they'll be running the 5K.
olivia last year at the race - if we go then i'm sure she won't be this easy to keep contained!
i don't have to tell you about st. jude. hands down the best hospital in the nation for pediatric cancer. all money from this race goes to support the hospital and research. year in and year out TEAM JAKE is in the top 5 of fundraising teams. go HERE to read more about TEAM JAKE.
starting line
go HERE to read my little sister's plea. if you feel led to donate then please do so. this is so very near to her heart. she would greatly appreciate it.

here are a few other things the team is doing that you could easily support:
**selling $20 fox's pizza vouchers for the big daddy pizza. you give her $20 for the voucher and then whenever you want (it doesn't expire) you call it in and go pick it up! these pizzas usually sell for about $18 so $2 of every one sold goes to TEAM JAKE. they are good for the monroe and ruston locations.
**on oct 2 they are having a pancake breakfast at the applebee's in monroe. tickets are $5.
(all donations are tax deductible!)
so, if you know someone that's been kicked by pediatric cancer then this is a way you can help! it's so sad what these kids have to go through but from what i hear they are some of the happiest kids you'll ever meet. and it makes them and their families even happier to know that YOU support them!

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