Saturday, August 21, 2010

our saturday - no pics

EDIT: i couldn't stand not having any pics! so, here!
these stairs are for my parents dogs-so they can get on the furniture. o likes to use them to!
father/daughter shot at his bday celelbration

i'm beat. to beat to come up with a better title for this post! ha! let me remind you that today is saturday. i set my alarm this morning for 7 am. (WHAT???) yes, 7 am so i could get up before o and shower and get mostly ready. i let her roam every morning while i shower but doing it with her contained is so much quicker! why, you ask, am i telling you this. well, this is a post about our day and that's how early i had to get up to get this day started and i DO NOT like getting up early on saturdays!

we had a baby shower in w'boro to attend that started at 10 so i knew i needed to leave shortly before 9. i did good! we were on the road by 8:30 (thanks to me getting up before o!) the shower was fun but it was time for o's nap when we left there. this week we moved o to one nap a day and so far it's worked well. i'm so thankful to finally be at this stage b/c now it's easier to plan our days! i headed to my parents to drop o off (they were keeping her for the afternoon so i could run errands) and then headed to monroe. i spent a lovely day at the mall (now i remember why i quit going there), target and happy days. i've never been to happy days but have always heard what a good job they do on the free carwash when you get an oil change. thought i'd try it out. well, i got in the wrong line and i couldn't turn around so i had to pay for a carwash and didn't get my oil changed. boo!

after all that we ended up at jackie and brock's for my dad's bday celebration tonight. brock grilled some yummy steaks! now i know that o likes steak! she couldn't get enough! she has good taste. :)

i really hate that she had such a full day and i didn't take one picture. i left my camera at home and didn't realize it until about choudrant. i wasn't turning around then!

so just to get a couple of pics in this post (b/c i hate posts without pics) here are two outfits that i got in today and i'm super excited about them! i ordered them from a ragsland party and they turned out better than i imagined! if you're not familiar with ragsland check them out at

she's ready for "saints sundays" now!

this one has a big sash in the back that ties into a bow and is ADORABLE! i'm probably going to monogram it in chocolate brown. i don't like to limit her outfits to one holiday (except for a christmas and easter dress) so her's won't have presents on it.

sorry for the most random post ever! just wanted to document our day!


  1. Did I understand you to say steps for the dogs to get ON the furniture?! Never heard of such! haha!

  2. yep. when they were too little to jump they got these stairs and now it's what they use... i know...