Friday, August 20, 2010

dr visit and fun friday night!

this morning i took olivia to her 15 mth checkup. i just love dr. khanfar and am so glad i chose him. he always calms my (mainly obsurd) fears.
hanging in the waiting room
25 lbs
31 1/2 inches
18 1/2 head circumfrence

75% in all catagories. that's right folks, o gained 4 pounds in 3 months. that's crazy to me b/c aren't they suppose to slow down when they start walking?
could NOT get her to look at me for anything!

we talked about her lack of speech. he said that at 18 mths if she's still where she is (only says mama and uh-oh) then we will consider speech therapy. i know it's not a hearing issue b/c she follows commands and whatnot. i know she'll talk when she's ready and once she does i bet she doesn't shut-up! ha!! we also talked about certain auto-immune diseases that run on both my and rett's side of the family. and what i thought might be a splinter in her foot is actually a wart. what baby gets a wart??? i left there feeling certain that i have a healthy little girl!
i should note that she does not like being weighed or laying on the exam table. she almost cried while being weighed and she shed some aligator tears while on the exam table. i think it may be the paper on both the scale and table. maybe the crinkling sound scares her? i'm not sure but it was SAD and FUNNY at the same time. dr. khanfar said, "angel, you aren't suppose to cry at well checks!" he always calls her "angel" and i love that!

tonight i had some sweet friends over for dinner. em, eric and hudson wilkerson and hillary and reynolds carter came over to play and eat. we had a great time with the kiddos. o doesn't know how to act around those boys! they rough and tumble and she's dainty and quiet!! finally, towards the end of the night she "got into it". if you can get her to laugh you'll hear the sweetest sound!
her newest "trick"
olivia and hudson

reynolds and hudson


  1. I have been "blog stalking" you for a long time, but finally decided to comment! Where do you get Olivia's clothes? She has to be one of the best dressed babies in Ruston!

  2. I remember meeting you through Melissa back in the day. Hard to believe that was so long ago.
    I need to start hitting up the consignment sales around here. There are just so many people in BR which makes it hard to get to the good stuff. I also have to watch how much I buy. My husband thinks Olivia has enough clothes already...but what does he know! Too bad our Olivias are close to the same size or I would take some of her monogrammed stuff off your hands!

  3. I love her "trick"! So cute!! And, I'm no doctor or therapist, but I've talked to a few, and it sounds like Olivia is doing great with her language development! Anniston hasn't said any words yet (a couple of times I thought she did, but not sure...), and we had a speech therapist come over and talk to us; it was very reassuring! She said that it seems like Anniston has a quiet personality (as Olivia seems to), and that it is evident that she does not have a "language" issue (more important at this age) since she can understand much of what we say, like O. Just wanted to share worries! And, yes, I'm sure we'll be trying to quiet them down soon enough!

    Hope you're having a good weekend!

  4. I love O's dress from the doctors office. What a cutie.