Thursday, August 5, 2010

we will be busy this fall!

we've got lots of plans this fall. most of them consist of tech athletic activities but not all! hopefully with some new activities olivia will release some of these attachment issues she's developed around strangers. not that it's a bad thing to be cautious around strangers but if they're my friends and i say it's ok for her to play with them then i want her to play with them! make sense?

my solution for helping her get over this issue? by taking her to different activities that will put her in touch with many different people. so....

olivia is now officially enrolled in her first extracurricular activity - kindermusik!
i have several friends whose kids go and they all rave about it! this fall they're offering a night class so i quickly signed her up when i found that out! i appreaciate people that think of the working mom when planning activities for kids!

then, olivia is now a card carrying member of the tech kids club!
this is her first official membership! the general rule of thumb is that if you can carry your kid into a game then that child gets in free. yes, i can still carry olivia but the kids club is only $30 and the money supports tech so i figured why not! for all you parents that can't carry your kids - this is the best deal in town! for $30 you child gets in FREE to ALL athletic events for a year! they also get a tshirt and other random things but that's not the important part. if you even think you'll take the kiddos to a few games then this is worth it!

hopefully my plan will work and olivia will start to come out of this attachment phase she's in. it's not terrible. once she warms up (usually about 30 minutes) she's fine but those first few minutes are tough around new people! ask auntie jenjen and uncle john john (haha) - they got snubbed a few weeks back!

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  1. Thanks for the info about the LaTech Kids Club! Haven't heard of it until now somehow...always want to support my Tech!! :)