Tuesday, August 24, 2010


we had our first kindermusik class today! it was a lot of fun! i didn't take any pics there b/c a certain little girl wouldn't leave my lap but i'll fill you in on what went on b/c i want to remember this time.

this was before we left. this is her "purse". i guess she's seen me pick mine up a million times and now she's mimicking me!

there are 5 in our class. 4 girls and 1 boy. all of the other kids are 2 or real close to 2 so o is definately the youngest. she didn't "get" what all was going on but that will come! she wouldn't leave my lap until about the last 10-15 minutes. and even then she'd run back every 20-30 seconds to, i guess, make sure i was still there.

as for the actual class we sang, played with instruments, balls, toys and scarves. she got the scarves and balls. "throwing" them at each other. she's good at throwing things! she also really liked the bubbles. wouldn't reach out to them but smiled and laughed a little.

a slight meltdown happened at the end of the class. she saw my camera in my purse and went straight for it. i told her "no" and redirected her and she went face down on the floor. that's her m.o. it's so funny but also slightly embarrasing. my only solution is to get down on her level and tell her, "no, we don't pitch fits." and then i pick her up and either leave or give her something else to play with. any other suggestions are welcome.

i'm so glad we're doing this. hopefully in a few weeks she'll be used to going and the other kids and will get into it more. i was a very shy child and she's showing me that she will be the same way. hopefully my plan of making her interact with others will work! surely it won't backfire on me....


  1. I love that picture! Her "purse" is adorable! :)

  2. I hope she has a great time doing this. I've got to find something like this in BR. I think DS would enjoy it as he likes banging on things and music as well. And I don't remember you being too shy...but then again, I wasn't a stranger. :) Cute pic of O with her purse and her scream-face.

  3. No :(...we won't be in Ruston to celebrate. We're meeting in the middle for a fun day of shopping and hanging out, but I think we should be visiting LA in the next month and will let you know! The play date WILL happen! Cannot wait!!

  4. I really hate that we are missing out but so glad y'all are loving it!!!