Monday, August 16, 2010

olivia got bit. and found a hole.

it happened. olivia was bit (is that the right use of the word bite? it just doesn't sound right...) today at the sitter's. i was naive to think that we'd get through these years without that happening. it didn't break the skin and is barely visible. it apparently didn't hurt too bad; she didn't cry. that a girl! i had a chat with her about biting back. stand up for yourself!! :)
the weather FINALLY gave us a break today so we went outside to play after work. it wasn't 112 outside but it was pretty humid. so humid that my camera lens stayed fogged up. i had to keep cleaning it with my shirt!
olivia played for a little bit in the yard and then found the front step. she wouldn't leave the front step!! seriously, i called her, sang, made a complete fool of myself and she wouldn't budge.
this is why. there are 4 little holes in our front step. i have no clue what they are from. she was digging in it and having a grand time!! she was filthy!

and then she cried when i drug her back inside. sorry, olivia, but mommy was hot!


  1. I'm sorry Olivia got bit. I can see the bite mark on her little arm. =( They are bite happy at Creme too right now. Claudia went from the biter to the bitee. I'm hoping the biting phase passes. Soon.

  2. What an adorable outfit!