Wednesday, August 4, 2010

my lord can it get much hotter?

wow. it's hot. and not usual louisiana hot. it's REALLY hot. my car said 102 at 6:30 tonight after sitting in the shade for a while with the a/c running. the heat indexes the past few days have gotten up to the 115 range. with all that said, we've been hanging out inside the last few days. i don't even want to think about going out to play in this heat!

so, what do we do inside? well, i cook, as evidenced by my last post and olivia entertains herself. how does she do that? by destroying everything in her path!
this is my guest bedroom. it's right off the kitchen so i'm ok with olivia playing in there while i cook dinner. i'm keeping all of her "out grown" clothes in there while i decide what to do with them. as you can see she has herself a grand time in there! and you know, i don't really care. she's not hurting herself or anything and it keeps her occupied for large chunks of time which gives me the opportunity to get dinner ready without a little one attached to my left leg! (that was a long sentence.) so, i've solved my dilema about not being able to cook b/c she just wants to play. turns out she'd rather play in old clothes than with me!

i'm not going to lie. i'd MUCH rather play with her than cook but at least she's finally starting to stay up a tad later (7:15ish if i'm lucky) so we have a little more play time after bath than we're used to.
i've got a year's worth of little girl clothes here. if you know someone that would like to go through them and the seasons are right, send them over!! i guess i'll start consigning at the next sale unless someone wants to take them off my hands!

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  1. It was freakishly hot in Houston yesterday too. Too hot. Yes - those are uniforms you are seeing in the pics. Its funny to put a 16 month old in a uniform, but it makes the mornings that much easier. =)