Wednesday, August 18, 2010

visit to gg and pops!

o went and spent the weekend with gg and pops this past weekend. from all accounts they all had a good time! they said she was perfect but they also admit they're not as young as they used to be! ha! i can tell from the pics that o had a blast. she doesn't normally get to play with dogs smaller than her or run "free" for days on end! they went to the bank and met my dad's peeps. it was time for o to meet them. afterall, she did win their halloween costume contest last year! (this year she will be defending her title!) maybe since they've met her in person they'll be even more inclined to vote for her! :)

on the ride down. mama doesn't normally let her chew on her bows! of course gg lets her get away with more!

playing outside in the 100 degree weather

playing with big and max

they made her work for her trip! here she is cleaning out from underneath the couch! :)

very typical - happy with food in her hands!

look closely - big has his tounge stuck out - i'm sure some lovin' went on this past weekend!

i'm glad they all had a good time. i'm sure o will love spending time in the 'boro growing up! maybe they'll let her sit under the desk at the bank drivethrough and eat as many suckers as she'd like. i remember doing that as a kid!!


  1. How cute is she?! Glad they had a good time!

    And, poor baby with those bites!! Hope she stays bite-free from here on out! :)

  2. Jessie I think you should mention the biting to your pediatrician and ask how you should handle it, since it's someone else's kid! One of mine wanted to be a biter (I've blocked out which one) and after she bit her sister the second time, I had the sister bite back (and I bit her, too) and that was the end of it. Since the girls say that Brad can do no wrong, I used 'she' and 'her sister' in my story...Good luck!!