Sunday, August 1, 2010

monkey madness

olivia has been in the best mood ever since she got home this afternoon! she laughed and ran around and smiled and ate her entire dinner, including the veggies. oh, this is kinda funny... i went to feed her a green bean and she shook her head no and said "uh-uh". just like she knew what she was doing and she did not want that bean! but, she did end up eating all of them. this is funny to, she'll put food in her mouth and go, "mmmmm". it's so cute! she's also now giving "high fives" and she'll occassionaly find her nose and mouth. we're still working on that being more consistant but she totally understands it she just won't do it on demand! i'm now working on making her only sit in her chair. no more standing/dancing in it. she knows what "sit on your bottom" means b/c she'll do it on demand but then she pops right back up. it's a game to her. i know this is my fault for allowing her to do whatever she wanted in that chair for several months now but.... i'm beginning to think my best option here is to ignore her when she stands in it but she's so cute when she does it that i can't help but laugh!

i cannot get enough of her laugh. it's the sweetest sound EVER!

i know that olivia likes to climb on things. she does it daily in her chair/tv armoir. hence the working to make her sit in that chair! i know it's just a stage that all kids go through but it's still dangerous! next thing i know she's going to be climbing her book shelves that aren't the sturdiest things i've ever dealt with. i've been calling her a monkey for a few weeks now! when rett brought her home today she did what she normally does; went straight for the toy box. but then she did something i'd never seen her do. she ran to the chair and started trying to climb in it. seriously, she was trying to throw one leg up and into the chair to pull herself up. unfortunately she's not quite tall enough. so anyway, i point to her and look at rett and he's all like, "yeah, she climbs on me to get into furniture." so, i asked him to demonstrate. and she did it! so i make her do it again and this time capture it. here's her successful attempt to climb into the chair, via her father, in photos.
preparing for her climb

climb in progess

she did it!

preparing to dismount

i cannot get over how big she looks in the last picture. her legs look like they're a mile long! she's growing so fast!!


  1. This is SO cute! What a big girl!

    I can relate to how you feel about Olivia standing in her chair. Anniston has been dropping her milk onto the floor constantly, and I try to teach her not to, but sometimes I just want to laugh, too! I know it's not a matter of her safety, but manners are important as well! Oh well, hopefully they will always mind soon enough!

    Oh, and I just commented on my blog, but I'll also let you know here that I feed Anniston frozen pancakes ALL the time! Please don't think I don't! ha

  2. They grow waaaay to fast:(....but so glad she is eating veggies.

  3. Olivia DOES look like such a Big Girl! Makes me sad to know that these kiddos are growing way too fast.