Wednesday, September 22, 2010

we've got a handful on our hands

my sweet, precious, beautiful child bit both me and rett today. he brought her over to pick up some clothes to take to his house and had just finished telling me that she bit him earlier. i asked if he bit her back and he said "no" b/c he didn't know if it was intentional. not 5 minutes later she bit me in the same spot she had bitten him. OH NO SHE DID NOT! i bit her back on the arm and you should have seen that lip come out. i reassured her that i loved her but in no way could she bite others. her feelings were hurt but maybe she got the point. then as rett was picking her up to leave and took something from her, she hit him. oh my word! what are we raising??? he didn't react so i did! she got a very stern "no, don't hit" and starting crying. so, again, rett reassured her that he loved her but that hitting was a no-no.

so, i beg you to give me some advice! any counseling degrees out there? why is she doing this? is it a stage or am i doing something wrong raising her? i'll admit she's probably a little (a lot) spoiled but i teach her right from wrong EVERYDAY! thoughts??? help!!!

good gosh i don't want "that" kid at daycare! how embarrassing!


  1. It happens to every child. All those times I have said something about another child, my children humble me with some of their actions. God has humbled me as well!! Just keep redirecting her with correct actions and positive reinforcement.

  2. Reynolds went through this phase...I really think it has to do with teething. He NEVER bit anybody besides me or Bruce, so I wouldn't worry so much about her biting other kids. I just didn't give him a reaction at all when he did it. I secretly wanted to scream at him and cry because those baby teeth HURT! lol